Partners of CCIC project expressed interest toward the Sekler Product Movement


International partners of the CCIC project – Complex Challenges, Innovative Cities – took part in the project meeting held in Genoa (Italy) on 18th of September. Harghita County Council was represented on the conference by Mr. Csaba Borboly, president and Mrs. Emőke Kovács, responsible for communication. They have presented the Sekler Product Movement as best practice, which caught the attention of specialists from 12 countries from Europe.

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Mr. Csaba Borboly submitted again amendments to the Committee of the Regions


A „No” from European People’s Party regarding the endeavour of national minorities On 16th of September, out of 5 amendments 3 were successfully submitted by Mr. Csaba Borboly, the president of Harghita County Council and member of the CoR. These amendments were accepted by the EDUC Commission for Education, Youth, Culture and Research of the Committee of the Regions. Mr. Csaba Borboly is member of the EDUC Commission and his amendments are related to the Draft Opinion entitled Disability, Sport and Leisure. Regarding the 10th point, the Committee of the Regions agreed with the proposal emphasizing the role of local governments in developing the sport of people with disadvantages; with fostering …

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Way of Mary – Via Mariae conference in Șumuleu Ciuc


On 12th of September, on the name day of Mary, at the Salvator Hotel and Conference Centre in Șumuleu Ciuc, the three-day-long conference was organized in collaboration with the Franciscan order, Harghita County Council, the Catholic Archbishopric of Alba Iulia, the Transylvanian Way of Mary Organization and the Hungarian Way of Mary Organization. The event is the integral part of Recultivatur international project funded by the European Union. It contributes to the realization of the Together for a stable future! framework programme of Harghita County Council and its tourism strategy. The project period is in between 2011 and 2014, having its main goal the integration of religious and cultural values …

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High-Speed Broadband Infrastructure in rural and peripheral areas


The political Manifesto for the Engage project was signed at the project conference held on 11th of September in Kauhajoki, Finland. The president of Harghita County Council, Mr. Csaba Borboly has also signed the aforementioned document. The Engage project’s main goal is helping specialists of European regions to learn about the cost-efficient best practices of building high-speed broadband networks in rural and peripheral areas based on sustainable requirements and for strengthening the economic activity of the given region. The ten-point document contains best practices that facilitate the technical conditions for local high-speed internet connections, as well as reducing the difference in quality between urban and rural regions regarding network connections. …

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Sekler Families’ Day

szept7_Tatardomb_SzekelyfoldiCsaladokNapja_Borboly Csaba

The Sekler Families’ Day was held in Lăzarea on 7th of September being dedicated to the Year of the dialogue and compromise initiated by Mr. Csaba Böjte, Franciscan monk. In their speech, Mr. Csaba Borboly, president of Hargita County Council and Mr. Csaba Böjte underlined the importance of togetherness between people living in Transylvania. Owing to organizers of the event a lot of people were curious about the Sekler Families Day and gathered near the monument of Dâmbul Tătarilor. The Saint Francis Foundation of Deva, Mayor’s Office of Lăzarea, Harghita County Council, Lăzarea Cultural and Ar Centre were the organizers of the event.  During the unconventional worship Mr. Csaba Böjte …

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Mr. Csaba Borboly’s amendments on environment were accepted by the Commission for Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE) of the Committee of the Regions


At 2nd of September the ENVE Commission of the Committee of the Regions accepted three of Mr. Csaba Borboly’s amendments. The president of Harghita County Council, who is member of the European Union’s consulting body representing local and regional authorities, has supplemented with proposals the document entitled EU Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and the Green Infrastructure – Enhancing Europe’s Natural Capital. The first proposal is that the environmental mentality and trainings should be focused on climate change. According to Mr. Csaba Borboly, it’s important that local and regional government to take responsibility in the process of environmental education. In the document of environmental friendly infrastructure, the president of …

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