Planned events for promoting Seklerland in Brussels


Between the period of 27th and 29th of November an official delegation of Harghita County Council had a meeting with the representative of the European Office of the National Union of County Councils of Romania in Brussels, discussing next year events aimed at promoting Seklerland. According to the plans, in 2014 an international conference will be organized with the topic of Sekler wooden carved gates, presenting Mrs. Piroska Kovács’ devoted work for saving these gates. She is the leader of the Kölik Association in Satu Mare and winner of the Grand Prix of European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards 2012, the local wooden carved gates having by this …

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The farmer association in Cristuru Secuiesc and the Sekler Product programme are considered exemplary on international level

On 28th of November, the official delegation of Harghita County Council, among them Mr. Csaba Borboly, county council president and member of the Committee of the Regions, met with Mr. Dacian Cioloș, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission. During the meeting, the county council president presented the Sekler Product programme of Harghita County Council, providing an ample picture about the collaboration of the local community through which more hundred farmers have bought and restarted the milk processing factory in Cristuru Secuiesc. As Mr. Csaba Borboly pointed out, for Harghita County Council a particular attention falls on developing the county’s agriculture and rural areas, the main principles …

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Shop of local and traditional products opened in Miercurea Ciuc

Szekely termek bolt1

Owing to the successful organization of the Sekler Product Agricultural Cooperative, on 25th of November the Sekler Products’ shop was opened. The cooperative was established in 2013 and its members are 16 associations and companies, as well as 5 individual entrepreneurs. During the opening ceremony, the president of the cooperative, Mr. István Márton, director of the Rural Development Association of Harghita County Council welcomed the participants. He said that after overcoming several difficulties they could realize the launch of this shop, in order to offer the possibility for local producers to sell their local and traditional products. The cooperative offers the opportunity for those local producers also who have not …

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Economic development of Harghita County with small airport systems


Driven by the view that efficiently operating a small airport in Harghita County would have a positive impact on the economic development of the region, Mr. Csaba Borboly has visited the small airport in Drobeta Turnu Severin city, Mehedinți County, Romania, having the main aim of getting to know how it is operated. The county council president declared that ‘from the perspective of the region’s economic development, supporting and operating small airports would be highly beneficial since at the moment it does not seem that a highway would be developed near Harghita County. Otherwise, even if a highway would be built between Brașov and Bucharest, respectively between Târgu-Mureș and Budapest, …

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Focus on universities offering training in minority languages


The Commission for Education, Youth and Research (EDUC) of the Committee of the Regions has accepted the draft opinion entitled as ‘European Higher Education in the World’, on 13th of November. Mr. Csaba Borboly, president of Harghita County Council, being the rapporteur of the mentioned document underlined that ‘in a multilingual and multi-ethnic Europe, institutions of higher education offering learning opportunities in minority languages can play a very significant role’. The draft opinion tackles with priority the involvement of higher educational institutions least fulfilling the conditions of internationalisation for the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of European higher education. According to Mr. Csaba Borboly, the fact that the draft opinion …

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The Committee of the Regions’ draft opinion on European higher education


The president of Harghita County Council, Mr. Csaba Borboly together with a local specialist, Mr. László Csák, participated in a meeting with the representative of the Lithuanian presidency of the EU, Mrs. Milda Špėlytė-Letulienė, on 5th of November 2013, in Brussels. The meeting was organized within the framework of the consultation series aiming the elaboration of the Committee of the Regions’ draft opinion concerning the European higher education in the world, Mr. Csaba Borboly being the rapporteur of the document. Mrs. Milda Špėlytė-Letulienė presented the Lithuanian perspective on higher education: it is considered relevant the European university networks’ openness toward the Eastern-European students in order to widen the inner system …

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