Environment awareness put in focus in Brussels


Mr. Csaba Borboly, president of Harghita County Council and permanent member of the Committee of the Regions attended the meeting of the Commission for Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE), on 12th of February. The county council president has submitted several amendments concerning the new direction lines of the EU in the field of energy state supports: namely, regarding affordable energy, as well as for the purpose of decreasing the package waste, which amendments were accordingly voted by the ENVE Commission. The county council president is on the view that ‘the use and reuse of biologically degradable plastic bags is an own decision, being the matter of an environment conscious …

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Migration related workshop was held in Miercurea Ciuc

The Romanian partners of the SEEMIG project were meeting on 11th of February at the marble hall of Harghita County Council. On behalf of Harghita County Council, Ms. Erika Dobos, project manager took part, as well as Ms. Juliánna Bodó, from the Sapientia EMTE University, Mr. Tamás Kiss on behalf of the National Minority Research Institution based in Cluj-Napoca, Mr. Gergő Barna, from TransObjective Consulting in Cluj Napoca, as well as Mr. Sándor Oláh, the expert of the Anthropologic Communication Workgroup from Miercurea Ciuc were participating. The main reason lying behind the project resides in the fact that nowadays migration has a fast increasing tendency, a lot of people decide …

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Motivation of entrepreneurship establishment and innovation development

Harghita County Council is partner of the CCIC international project Within the CCIC – Complex Challenges, Innovative Cities project a partners’ meeting was held in Tartu, Estonia in the period of 23-24th of January 2014. The aim of the project is the improvement of regional policies, strength of the innovation in public administration and the increase of cooperation with local and regional authorities, national bodies, as well as other interested parties within 13 partner regions. Within the Steering Committee meeting, different discussions were held about the tasks and plans for the successful implementation of the project, focusing mainly on the last two semesters of the project’s timeframe. Harghita County Council, …

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The Sapientia University will have more possibilities as regional minority educational institution


Mr. Csaba Borboly, president of Harghita County Council, highlighted the elaboration of programmes aiming to offer help for regions being in particular situation, universities training in minority languages, as well as emphasizing the importance of the bidirectional nature of mobility, on the 105th Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions, organized on 30th of January in Brussels. The president of the county council, as rapporteur of the CoR, presented the draft opinion entitled European higher education in the world, which has been unanimously accepted by the Committee of the Regions. The draft opinion was submitted on 17th of October 2013 to the Commission for Education, Youth and Research (EDUC) …

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European higher education in the world

European higher education in the world Csaba Borboly President of Harghita County Council, Romania 30/01/2014 ​ There has never been a time when higher education and its links with research and innovation have played a more crucial role for Europe’s regions and cities. This opinion therefore calls for local and regional authorities to be more involved in the internationalisation strategies of higher education institutions. European universities have excellent links inside Europe but many lack a clear strategy for strengthening their ties with non-European partners. Moreover, the rapporteur is concerned that there are only a few European universities with a strong international reputation. He therefore encourages member states to use the …

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