Mr. Csaba Borboly: there is need for a strategy dealing with migration


Within the framework of the 25th edition of the “Bálványos” Summer Free University and Student Camp, on 26th of July, it was organized the debate entitled Professional training – The tool of competitiveness. On this occasion, Mr. Csaba Borboly put forward the following: ‘we have to think about strategies fighting migration, since the youth of Seklerland worry about their future and not about losing their ethnical identity.’ On the debate, from Hungary Mr. Ervin Kiss, Secretary General of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. József Palotás, Deputy Director General of the National Labour Office, as well as Mr. János Magdó, Consul General of the Consulate General of Hungary …

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One Thousand Sekler Girls’ Day is about collaboration

Borboly Csaba

This year also, from every corner of Seklerland a significant number of boys and girls, dressed up in traditional costume were celebrating on 5th of July, reviving the tradition launched 83 years ago by Mr. Pál Péter Domokos. On the day of the One Thousand Sekler Girl’s Day more than one thousand girls and boys were gathering in Miercurea Ciuc, in order to go together to the ‘saddler’ of Șumuleu Ciuc (Csíksomlyó), after the ceremonial opening. On the official ceremony, organized on the Freedom square, speeches were held by Mr. Attila Markó, parliamentary representative and Mr. Csaba Borboly, president of Harghita County Council. Mr. László Fábián, the Mayor of Sânsimion …

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Marking 20 years of the Committee of the Regions

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Committee of the Regions at the June Plenary Session, we produced two short videos and would like to share the links with you:  1. A photo montage containing highlights from the past 20 years of the work of the EPP Group in the Committee of the Regions –  2. And an interview with President Daul following his participation in the EPP Group meeting ahead of the Plenary Session – All of our videos are available on our YouTube channel May we also take this opportunity to remind you of the link to our photo gallery on  Flickr where we have uploaded …

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