Mr. Csaba Borboly: the goal is sustainable forest management


On 29th of August, a conference was organized on the theme of clusters in Seklerland in the business incubator in Târgu Secuiesc (Kézdivásárhely). The conference organized by ASIMCOV,  has been opened by Mr. Tibor Bokor, Mayor of Târgu Secuiesc, Mr. Sándor Tamás, president of Covasna County Council and Mr. Csaba Borboly, president of Harghita County Council. Mr. Csaba Borboly, county council president held a speech about the Ciuc cluster in wood industry, founded in Harghita County in March 2014, namely the Hargita Wood. According to him, local forest resources have to be used by local communities through the collaboration of private and public spheres and taking into consideration the social, …

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European Union promotes resource-efficient constructions


The draft opinion, which will be penned on sustainable buildings for the Committee of the Regions (CoR) from the initiative of  Csaba Borboly was discussed at the Miercurea Ciuc County Hall on August 27th. The president of Harghita County Council, Borboly Csaba was elected rapporteur on the subject of sustainable buildings in the Committee of the Regions during the Environment, Climate Change and Energy Commission’s (ENVE) meeting held in Brussels on 19th June. At the consultation were present the members of urban planning committee from Harghita county, the expert of the subject, László Csák, Csongor Incze, the vice-president of the institution, and the president, Csaba Borboly. The general objective of …

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Heves and Harghita Counties signed the twinning cooperation agreement


After the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of Heves County, Hungary, on 15th of August, Mr. Csaba Borboly, president of Harghita County Council and Mr. Róbert Szabó, president of the General Assembly of Heves County signed a twinning cooperation agreement. Mr. Róbert Szabó Róbert, in his speech said that this collaboration offers a possibility to establish a closer collaboration with Seklerland, as well as it may further strengthen the preservation of the common identity. Mr. Csaba Borboly affirmed that this twinning cooperation, signed with Heves County from Hungary offers great opportunities in the fields of economics, education, and culture. He emphasized the importance of launching common economical projects since …

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