Happy New Year China!


The New Year of China was welcomed today, on 23 February, at Confucius Conference, organized by the Harghita County Inspectorate, Confucius Institute of University Lucian Blaga from Sibiu. Csaba Borboly welcomed the cooperation that began with the Confucius program, where students from Harghita County can learn Chinese at conversational level. Language learning and language teaching could be one of the most prominent areas of cooperation between the twin county, and this should be achieved through cooperation between education institutions, the supervisory board and the county council. Also, Csaba Borboly mentionted that it would be important to establish relations between the universities of Xinghia Hui province and Sapientia University in order …

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Four ambassadors at Harghita County Lenten season carnival, mingling with revellers, tasting hallmark kurtoskalacs

farsangbucsuztato (17)

US ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm, British ambassador Paul Brummell, Belgian head of mission Thomas Baekelandt and Hungarian ambassador Zákonyi Botond joined the revellers at the traditional Lenten start carnival in Sansimion – Harghita County, making merry, dancing, tasting traditional foods – the hallmark kurtoskalac included – all accompanied by a shot of palinka. The diplomats and their wives answered the invite of County Council head Borboly Csaba, and joined the over 1,000 festival-goers, traditional ensembles and Sansimion locals in the celebration. The guests watched with excitement the performance of folk ensembles from 13 localities of the county, who did their acts and played their antics wearing masks, ridiculing human …

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Improving the balance between conflict species and human activity

31 January 2018, 127th Plenary Session of the European Committee of the Regions 
Belgium - Brussels - January 2018 
© European Union / Fred Guerdin

Csaba BORBOLY, President of Harghita County Council

The European Committee of the Regions has adopted an opinion on Promoting coexistence with conflict species within the framework of the EU Nature Directives. Conflict species compete with human activities for common resources and space. Large carnivores are often the more problematic ones. The EU is home to five: the brown bear, the wolf, the wolverine and the Eurasian and Iberian lynxes. At least one of these species is currently found in 21 EU countries. The CoR supports more preventive measures and the creation of new platforms and cooperation mechanisms to tackle shared concerns and best practice solutions. The objective is to reconcile biodiversity protection and human settlements where conflicts …

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