Dear All,

I am pleased to welcome you on my website. My name is Csaba Borboly, I am the president of the Harghita County Council in Romania. My current mandate started in 2012 and will last until 2016.


I was born on the 8th of August in 1974, in Gyergyótekerőpatak (Valea Strâmbă). After spending my childhood in Gyergyócsomafalva (Ciumani), I graduated from the IT class of Márton Áron High School, Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc) in 1992. Afterwards I joined the Századvég Political School in Budapest, Hungary, attending political management classes in 1992-1993, before starting my studies at the Eötvös Loránd University between 1993-1999 attending political science at the Faculty of Law. In 2001 I nationalized my degree in Romania, in the specialty of public administration.

Work experience:

Since 2001, I’m member of the Hungarian Political Science Association. Between 2002-2003 I won a scholarship in a joint program of the Regional Research Center funded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the “Új Kézfogás” Foundation. Between 1997-2000 I was the president of the Research for Youth and Training Foundation, and between 2001-2004 I was the managing director of the AGRAS Insurance and Reinsurance Company, member of the Wiener Stadtische Group.

Political activity:

Since my graduation from high school I have been actively working within several non-governmental and youth organizations.

I joined the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (DAHR) department of Csík region in 1994. I was the president of the Youth Council of Csík Region from 1999 to 2004, and vice president between 2004-2008.

I'm also an active member of  Harghita County Council from the year 2000, where i served as a county councillor from 2000 to 2004. I became vice president in 2004 and held that position until 2008, when i became president.

 At the same time I am also the president of the National Council of Self-Governments of DAHR.

Personal life:

I currently live in Csíkszereda. I have been married since 1998. My wife is Melinda, she is a lawyer and we have two wonderful daughters, Eszter and Anna, born in 2008 and 2010.

I like spending my free time with my family, walking in the countryside, cooking, reading, skiing, cycling or horse riding.