The 11th ENVE commission meeting, 1 december 2016: Regarding the Mid-term evaluation of the LIFE programme amendment nr. 12. and 14. was accepted, nr. 10. accepted partially, nr. 13. and 17. rejected.
♦ The 4th ENVE commission meeting, 30th June 2015: Regarding the Energy Union Package draft opinion, amendment nr. 56 was accepted, nr. 22 accepted partially.
The 4th SEDEC commission meeting, 25th June 2015: Regarding the Standards of remuneration in employment in the EU draft opinion, amendment nr. 58 was accepted, nr. 23 and 56 rejected.
♦ 112nd plenary session, June 2015: Regarding the Guidelines for the Employment Policies of the Member States draft opinion, amendment nr. 29 was accepted, nr. 32 rejected. The amendments were supported by: ÁRGYELÁN János, DRĂGHICI Emil, DUDÁS Róbert, KOVÁCS Raymund, MAGYAR Anna, MAJTHÉNYI László, MORARU Victor, NICA Alin Adrian, OPREA Emilian, RIBÁNYI József, SZABÓ Róbert, VARGA Zoltán
22nd ENVE Commission meeting, 12 February 2014: New guidelines for state aid for energy: Amendment nr. 27 and 28 were accepted, nr. 25 no, even though highlights that instead of imposing environmental taxes on companies, it would be more effective to encourage them to engage in activities directly helping to protect the environment and conserve nature, for example becoming involved in afforestation or park development, which would contribute to the sustainable development of the region.
22nd ENVE Commission meeting, 12 February 2014: Affordable energy for all: Amendment nr. 7 and 25 were accepted, but nr 23 and 33 no, despite the fact that both of them are very important in the means of improving energy efficiency.
♦ 105th Plenary session, 30-31 January 2014: A new EU Forest Strategy: for forests and the forest-based sector: nr. 14 no, but nr. 19 was adopted
20th EDUC Commission meeting, 13 November 2013: Opening up education
103rd Plenary session, 7-9 October 2013: Commission green paper on the long-term financing of the European economy
103rd Plenary session, 7-9 October 2013: Entrepreneurship 2020 action plan
103rd Plenary session, 7-9 October 2013: Cars 2020: action plan for a competitive and sustainable automotive industry in Europe
19th EDUC Commission meeting, 16 September 2013: Disability, sport and leisure
18th EDUC Commission meeting, 25 April 2013: Closing the innovation divide