Navracsics Tibor, European Commissioneer for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Csilla Hegedüs, DAHR vicepresident responsible for culture and Attila Korodi, member of the Parliament and member of EU affairs commission were welcomed on 31st of January in Harghita County by Csaba Borboly, President of Harghita County Council, as well as by Bíró Barna Botond and Barti Tihamér, Vicepresidents of the County Council.

The Commissioneer also visited the Church of Șumuleu Ciuc, then presented the objective of his visit during a press conference.

Navracsics Tibor considered that during his visits in member states it is important to visit different regions besides the capitals, because the areas he is responsible of are not limited only to capital cities. He added that, based on the principle of the EU – ”Unity in diversity” – regions as Seklerland strenghten Europe through their identity and values. The Commissioneer also considered important his visit based on the European Year of Cultural Heritage announced in 2018, taking in consideration the fact that the diversity of cultural and built heritage in Transylvania contributes to the diversity of the EU.

Based on this declaration, Borboly Csaba requested the Commissioneer’s support in case of the Armenian Church of Frumoasa, which was proposed to be awarded by the Europa Nostra.

– The European Commissioneer is responsible for those areas that are directly connected to whole Seklerland. From this point of view it is important take seriously the decisions that are taken in Brussels. Based on the activities within the European Committee of the Regions we try to represent our specific minority identity. This is also important from the development of educational system. The most important thing, with which the European Union needs to tackle, is the reduction of the brain drain phenomenon. Unfortunately soon we could also speak about the emigration of professional skilled persons as well. The effect of this issue can be felt in the implementation of EU projects as well, when less entrepreneurs apply for the implementation of different services – raised the attention Csaba Borboly, adding that we would like to continue our effort on practical training in the field of education and youth, in order to give more emphasis to the STEAM teaching method.


According to Csilla Hegedüs, in the coming period the EU can reduce all funds from which many investments have been made and from which the local communities have been able to improve significantly their infrastructure so far.

 -It is important for us to bring to Transylvania any decision-maker who can change our fate, who can tell us where we can apply for these funds, so that we can develop Transylvania, Seklerland. We need to fight for EU legislation on native national minorities – said the DAHR vicepresident.

Attila Korodi set attention to the spectacular infrastructure developments in the region of Csíkszék. According to Mr. Korodi, this would not have been possible without EU development programs, in the absence of which the settlements in Seklerland would be in a disadvantaged economic and social situation. He paid attention that the local authorities in Seklerland should take advantage of the opportunities offered by the European Union, but it is also important that we can adapt, express our opinion and be part of the results of the constantly changing EU system.

Previously, Tibor Navracsics attended on the Brain Drain: one way ticket conference, organized by the Harghita County Council in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) in Brussels.

Mr. Navracsics also supported previously Mr. Borboly’s reports on education on the Committee of the Regions:



Photo albums and a short video about the visit can be view below, on Csaba Borboly’s social site:




Csíkszereda, on 31th of January 2019.

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