On 22th of March a 35-year-old man near Kőrispatak was seriously wouded by a bear attack. The beast stroked his chest and upper limbs, and wounded on his neck and head. The unconscious man did not react to the intervention of the rescuers arrived from Székelyudvarhely hospital and finally died in the ambulance during transportation.

The case was reported to Csaba Borboly, President of the Council of Harghita County, who followed the case and reported on situation on the community side: They waited for the rescue service to deliver the victim to the University Hospital in Târgu Mureş, but unfortunately the 35-year-old man passed away. Csaba Borboly expressed his indignation, as the Hubertus Hunting Company was  already asked for the permission to launch this animal last year. It is not true that the European Union prohibits the removal of dangerous animals, emphasized the county president. During the counsil meeting, mr. Counsellor Kolumban David  was informed that the victim had passed away in the ambulance at Firtosmartonos. The participants of the meeting paid a minute’s silence in his memory.

The victim raised her doughters together with their grandmother after the kids’ mother left the family. Csaba Borboly calles to help the family within our means and capabilities. The case must be answered by someone, said the President of the Harghita County Council, who had been previously asked to remove the dangerous animal, also he affirmed, that the European Union did not prohibit the protection of human life.

Harghita County Council organizes collecting for orphaned children

Harghita County Council organizes collection in order to support the family, assists the family in funeral expenses, pay a lawyer, demand the Ministry of the Environment to name the responsible for the unreleased authorization, and ask for the intervention of Senator Tánczos Barna and Attila Korodi to amend the government decree .

A nine and a twelve-year-old girl was left without a father because someone in the ministry had no time to investigate whether the reported bear was dangerous. Help! Let’s  support them within our capabilities.

You can send your donations to the account of the Harghita County Association, referring to the victims of the bear attack.

Account number:

Harghita County Association


BRD – Groupe Société Générale, Csíkszereda

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