NavracsicsMegbeszMr. Csaba Borboly have been elected as the rapporteur of the opinion of the CoR on Strenghtening STE(A)M education system (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics). The opinion will focus on the development of creative, collaborative and problem-solving skills, as well as innovation and digital skills. The opinion will also contribute to the development of the concept of European Education Area.

News regarding the draft opinion:

Navracsics Tibor: local and regional values strenghten the European Union

2. Activity plan for the rapporteur:

Local and international stakeholder consultations:

–        23rd of January 2019. Consultation with Istvan Kozma, representatant of IT Plus Cluster

–        25th of February 2019. Consultation with Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport

–        18th of March 2019

Adoption of the opinion

–        Debate on the working document ‒ SEDEC Commission meeting, 18-19 February 2019

Working document: Strenghtening STE(A)M education system 

–        Debate on the draft opinion ‒ SEDEC Commission meeting, 2 April 2019

Draft opinion: Strenghtening STE(A)M education system

–        Adoption of the opinion ‒ 135th Plenary session, 26-27 June 2019

Opinion: Strenghtening STE(A)M education system

3. Suggestions, ammendments regarding the draft opinion

  1. Comments on COR STEAM opinion – Business Development and Alliances at Texas Instruments Education Technology

  2. Suggestions SME United

  3. Amendments from the representatives of the European Trade Union Committee for Education

4. Background studies, working documents

  1. The ministries of education STEM representatives working group

  2. Encouraging STEM studies for the labour market – European Parliament

  3. STEM Analysis – SEDEC Commission

  4. Encouraging STEM Studies – European Parliament

  5. Study on the movement of skilled labour – European Commission

  6. OECD study concerning the Arts

  7.  A European strategy for industry: the role and perspective of regional and local authorities – COR Opinion

4. Documents


Borboly Csaba­: Proposal for an own-initiative opinion on Strengthening STE(A)M education in the EU 

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (2018).  Insights into skill shortages and skill mismatch, Publications Office of the European Union

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (2015). Skills, qualifications and jobs in the EU: the making of a perfect match? Evidence from Cedefop’s European skills and jobs survey, Luxembourg: Publications Office

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (2016). Skill shortage and surplus occupations in Europe

Committee of the Regions (2018). CoR Study – Adressing brain drain: the local and regional dimension (COR Study….)

European Innovation Partnership (2018). Study on the movement of skilled labour. Final report, European Union

SCIENTIX (2019). The ministries of education STEM representatives working group

European Parliament – Directorate-General for Internal Policies (2015). Encouraging STEM Studies for the Labour Market, European Union

Speech of Mr. Csaba Borboly at the European Commission Peer Learning Event on Brain Flow (4th of June 2019)

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